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Shelter In Place

In accordance with Madison County EMA and in coordination with the Army Corp of Engineers, St. Mark Catholic School is a SHELTER IN PLACE facility in regards to any CSEPP events at the Bluegrass Army Depot.


What this means for you as a parent or guardian is that in the case of any event at the Depot, when we get instruction from EMA, the school with go into Shelter in Place mode:


 • The central hallway, office and all classrooms will be sealed with ventilation units being shut off. If you are in the classrooms or office, there is a red button on the wall the instantly shuts off our heating and air units. Our doors are equipped with stripping that, once closed, keeps all air and airborne contaminates out of the designated Shelter in Place area.


 • We have a particular protocol that we follow and once the children are in the hallway and everything is locked down, NO ONE WILL BE PERMITTED TO ENTER THE BUILDING. You will not be able to access you child at this point. If you are here at school during an event and wish to take your child, you may sign them out and leave. You also have the option of sheltering in place with us.


 • The school is on an evacuation schedule with the rest of the county and after it has been determined that it is safe to move, the children and faculty will be bused to Elizabeth Ann Seton in Lexington, KY. Instructions for you will be placed on the exterior office doors.


 • Seton is the pick-up spot for your child/children.


 • In the case of an event where we need to shelter in place, the CSEPP office will broadcast information about the event over local media channels.


If you wish to obtain more information on CSEPP and the Madison County EMA, you can visit their website.



CSEPP  and Madison County EMS: