Parent Testimonials

Our children are receiving a quality education. What does this mean? Our children are not only learning but they actually enjoy doing so. Teachers foster an environment in which learning is expected and each child is able to do so at their own pace. They are set up to succeed.

Our children are learning in a Christian environment. They learn about the love of Jesus and to love one another.  In doing so, they are taught to respect themselves as well as others. Their teachers are their best role models. This fosters a safe place to learn.

Our children have teachers who make themselves available and openly communicate with us. We have their email addresses, cell phone numbers, etc. It is a win-win. Parents benefit, teachers benefit, and most importantly, children benefit.

We have a sense of community (children and parents). No matter what is going on parents and teachers alike have one common goal…to make sure children receive a quality education in a safe and nurturing environment!

Parent of a 2nd Grade and Preschool Student

My wife and I have shared the educating of our 10 children with scores of dedicated teachers over decades, and have always admired them.  I hasten to add though, the faculty and staff at St. Mark are now contributing to the growth of our granddaughter, uniquely, singularly best by combining traditional learning disciplines with wholesome, God-respecting character building.  Indeed we are profoundly endebted to them.  GOD BLESS!

Parent of a 5th Grade Student

I love this school.  My child is learning more that other Kindergarten programs academically and he is learning how to be a good person.  This school promotes the development of my child academically, personally, and spiritually.  No other school can compare to all the benefits and strengths of St. Mark.

Parent of a Kindergarten Student

We love the quality of education and the feeling that our child is safe and well-cared for as soon as she walks in the door.

Parents of a 2nd Grade Student

For the first time since starting school, my child is being challenged!

Parent of a 4th Grade Student

St. Mark School offers each child a quality education by an exceptional group of caring and loving teachers.  The class sizes are smaller therefore daily lessons can be geared to each on each child’s needs and allowing for more individualized teaching.  The child learns in a religious environment that encourages and teaches moral and faith among each other.  Our child’s education at St. Mark Catholic School is priceless and well worth the investment.

Parent of a 3rd Grade Student

We love St. Mark Catholic School.  Our daughter receives the best possible education, she is always challenged and is ahead of all the public and other private schools in spelling and reading. She was beginning to read at the end of Pre-K!  We love that she attends prayer service daily and Mass every week.  Love of God is inter-weaved in all the academics at St. Mark. We love the small class sizes and the loving and caring teachers.   We know our child is safe and happy at school and we know we are welcomed and encouraged as volunteers.  We have a sense of family with the other parents and students.  I wouldn’t want my children anywhere else but St. Mark!

Parents of a 2nd Grade and Preschool Student